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Gulder Ultimate Search: Episode 26 (Onyinye ‘Dump’ Paschal As Warriors Get Training In Art of Rescue)


Gulder Ultimate Search: Episode 26 (Onyinye ‘Dump’ Paschal As Warriors Get Training In Art of Rescue)

Did Onyinye pick Nuhu over Paschal even when she had the opportunity of first choice as Head Warrior in the day’s challenge of Wounded Warrior? Yes she did. Perhaps, she had forgotten so easily that they emerged winners when they partnered in the ‘Raise Your Flag’ and ‘Ladder of Pain’ tasks earlier in the competition.

Onyinye’s choice meant Paschal and James had to team up. The Council of Elders decided to simulate a rescue mission. A member of the team would act as the wounded warrior while the other would be the carrier. The carrier was to carry the wounded warrior on his back. The latter’s feet were not to touch the floor at any point during the game. With the aid of a compass and coordinates, they were to make their way over a beam, and search for two clues vital to the search for the Gatekeeper’s Fortune.

Paschal was his team’s wounded warrior while James was the carrier. Nuhu carried Onyinye throughout the challenge. Both teams found two clues each, but the James and Paschal team finished first and won the challenge. James went from bearer of Stump of Shame to Head Warrior.

Chidi Mokeme, the anchor man, asked both teams to make sense of the clues when they get back to their camp.       
For more exciting episodes of Gulder Ultimate Search 9, the Gatekeeper’s Fortune, stay tuned to the following stations: AIT, AfricaMagic World (DStv), Real Star (StarTimes), Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC) and ITV (Benin) at 10pm WAT.

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