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NEW ON TV: Check out what's on this May on National Geographic Channel Africa


NEW ON TV: Check out what's on this May on National Geographic Channel Africa

Check out what the National Geographic Channel Africa (DStv channel 260) as lined up for you this May, among which are The Last Days of Osama, Megafactories, and also a week dedicated to Adventure programming.

The Last Days of Osama
Wednesday, 2 May at 7pm WAT
One of the most sensitive, top secret missions eliminates America’s number one terrorist target, Osama bin Laden, but the celebration is almost immediately tempered by thorny questions. How did the U.S. finally catch up with the terrorist mastermind who eluded capture for nearly a decade? Why was he able to hide in plain sight just yards away from Pakistan’s most prestigious military academy? What was his day-to-day life like? Was he able to direct attacks from his hideout? And why did the man who vowed to resist to his last breath give up his life with not much of a fight? National Geographic Channel opens a special report that reveals the inside story of how the U.S. gathered the intelligence needed to pull off the surprise attack, with insight from former CIA agents, Navy SEAL operatives and high-ranking government officials, including retired general and CIA director David Petraeus. Acclaimed journalist Peter Bergen, to whom Bin Laden first revealed his intention to wage a terrorist war on the West, and who is one of a small handful to have met him, heads to Pakistan for answers on the ground. This multifaceted investigation reconstructs The Last Days of Osama Bin Laden.

George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview Wednesday, 02 May at 2pm WAT
Inside 9/11 Osama Rising Wednesday, 02 May at 3pm WAT
Inside 9/11 Countdown To Terror Wednesday, 02 May at 4pm WAT
Inside 9/11 Zero Hour Wednesday, 02 May at 5pm WAT
Inside 9/11 End Game Wednesday, 02 May at 6pm WAT

While South Africa is awash with red, the colour associated with the new 3 series sedan, Megafactories puts the spotlight on one of Beemer’s most popular vehicles, the X3. BMW has moved production to the Spartanburg County, South Carolina BMW facility. To keep up with the heavy demand, the South Carolina factory increased production by 50%, hired 1,000 new workers and purchased 300 additional robots, adding over a million square meters, and even built an eco-friendly painting facility that is powered by the methane gas emitted from a local landfill site. Join Ultimate Factories as we take you behind the scenes of the production of this “ultimate driving machine.”

BMWX3: Tuesday, 15 May at 7pm WAT
Mercedez Overhaul: Tuesday, 01 May at 7pm WAT
The Mini: Tuesday, 08 May at 7pm WAT
Michelin: Tuesday, 22 May at 7pm WAT
Extreme Rollercoaster: Tuesday, 29 May at 7pm WAT

Adventure Week
The annual boat race may bring a lot of attention to arguably the most famous river in Europe, but the adventures of five enthusiasts, who have the most extraordinary hobby; mud-larking along the banks of the River Thames are surely worthy of noting. Every week, whatever the weather, they’re to be found wading through mud and digging up artefacts. From Roman coins to Tudor chainmail, via shark’s teeth and 300 year old shoes, the program explores the thousands of years of London’s history they reveal, and follows their newest recruit, Chicago Ron, on his very first mud-lark outing. Weird, yet intriguing viewing.

Lucky Muckers: Monday, 07 May at 6pm WAT
Treasure Hoard: Secrets of the Lost Gold: Tuesday, 08 May at 6pm WAT

Animal Superpowers
Britain may no longer be a superpower on the world stage but it holds fort when it comes to the animal world. Animal Superpowers features that bulldog British actor Patrick Stewart, known for his role in movies such as X Men and Star Wars. Stewart shows a mean bark while tracking animals in this program. They happen to be feisty British animals that would make James Bond scoff at any beer. How can an octopus turn itself invisible in the blink of an eye? How can a sailfish outrun a speedboat? How can a snake strike prey with deadly accuracy – in total darkness? All your questions answered on Animal Superpowers.

Extreme Hunters: Thursday, 3 May at 6pm WAT
Extreme Killers: Thursday, 10 May at 6pm WAT
Extreme Survivors: Thursday, 17 May at 6pm WAT

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