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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: U.S. Based Reality TV Star, Rapper & Model, P. Muna Talks Album ‘1991’, Clothing Line, First Book ‘The Game’, New York Life and More…

PHOTO CREDIT: Sierra Sollenberger


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: U.S. Based Reality TV Star, Rapper & Model, P. Muna Talks Album ‘1991’, Clothing Line, First Book ‘The Game’, New York Life and More…

Star of MTV’s Are you The One 4th season, and rapper P. Muna born Prosper Mbongue-Muna as over the last two years earned a massive base of fans.

Something is intriguing about his story — which mirrors the all-American Dream. He went to New York with just over $100 in his pocket and a dream of making it in this industry. Since his appearance on that show I have been following him on his musical journey, and see him grow as an empire with his fashion line “1991“.

P. Muna as shared stages with Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, Lupe Fiasco, 2 Chainz, Mac Miller and Juicy J. The talented P. Muna on February 17th dropped his new album titled “1991“. P. Muna is an artist that’s here to stay.

Check out my exclusive interview with him below:

Hey P. Muna! Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
What’s up everyone! I go by the name P. MUNA! What’s going on!

Talk me through an average day in the life of you?
When my alarm clock rings in the morning usually around 4am or 5am and I head to the gym to train a bunch of my dedicated clients and workout myself till around noon. Then I work on my music or brand related projects and tasks until about midnight mostly; writing sessions, studio recording, singing rehearsal, music marketing, photoshoots, shows, interviews, just keeping business everyday you know.

What institution(s) did you attend and what did you study?
UA! I graduated from the University at Albany, where I Studied English & Africana Studies.

How were you discovered and what inspired you to go into music?
I should ask y’all that question, “how did y’all discovered me!? I’ve always been around I feel like lol but I mainly just work to put myself out there every single day. Hip-Hop inspired me to engage in music. I remember my first rap as a kid when I was like 7 years old. My mom and Step-father favorites artists became my foundation and major influence as a youth.

How did you come of with the stage name – “P. Muna”?
My homies on my football team in high school gave me the name P. Muna! It played as my Alter Ego. They would say things like “oh damn Prosper, P. Muna would have made that play.” So it eventually stuck with me.

Late last year, you released your first book on Dating from the Millennial Male Perspective titled “THE GAME”. What is the book all about and what made you title it that way?
Yea it’s all about the GAME! After I came off my MTV show I had an enormous amount of fans asking me questions and advice about relationships, so I put it all in one book! Also, these topic were always things my homies and I would talk about when we sat around. The things women don’t want to hear but NEED to hear!

You starred in the highly successful MTV Reality Show “Are You The One” (Season 4), what was the experience like and how were you scouted for the show?
Ah man that experience was super dope! An experience I couldn’t put into words to vividly describe it. Overall, it was an amazing opportunity to work on set with a bunch of hardworking individuals with one common goal. I met a woman in NYC who plugged me.

You previously released the EP called “Live Long & Prosper.”, now you just released your new EP, called 1991, a eleven track EP. Why the title and what message are you be passing through the EP?
My 1991 Album, I wanted to showcase how I am literally “Hip-Hop and R&B”. I’ve been influenced so much good or bad [the listeners can decide] by hip-hop and r&b, and how it’s shaped my existence and outlook on life today. I wanted to convey my deeper passion for my music, my culture and my writings. I hope it was evident how soulful I felt throughout this album. In all, I hoped to be “the voice of the peoples’ despair”.

What artists and producers featured on the new EP?
Well first and foremost, big shoutout to my right hand homie, Lucas Hass! This dude here has helped me so much through our journey and I’m blessed to have him on my team. We have 2 tracks that he featured on the album. My west coast homie, J. REAL, is featured on the album with an interlude track called “1991 FOREVER”, truly summing up what 1991 is about! Xavier White, and my good friend Kimani did some song vocals on the album! And producers like Heavy Keyyz, CorMill, Ricard Thadeus, HellaBeats, & Phil Park all blessed me with their amazing instrumentals, I had to pay homage.

Tell me more about your love for everything photography/fashion and how you use it to communicate through your music?
Being able to express myself through these many art forms has become more of a blessing every single day, as I gain more knowledge and confidence in towards my career path. Photography & fashion allows me to see and create the very artist I am. The artist I want to become. The images correlate with my music creating that P. Muna image!

Will you say the modeling industry in the United States is doing well?
Yes! I’m doing independent work with photographers now, building a portfolio, which is great because I can create my own style and find my own niche as I please.

You just launched your new clothing line, tell us more about it and what’s the name of the brand?
1991! That’s where I’m from! 1991 is about the millennial generation, is about royalty, the spiritual, mixture of a cultural heir. 1991, we have a duty to lead since we understand the different generations [Younger & Older], which I feel are disconnected so we keep everyone UNITI (unity). That’s what the whole 1991 Brand is about.

You have shared stages with Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, Lupe Fiasco, 2 Chainz, Mac Miller and Juicy J. What will you say motivated/inspires you to stay dedicated to what you do?
Every time I hit the stage and see the effects I have on crowds and it inspires me to keep going. I understand I have a gift on stage and I want to master it and affect people in a positive manner every time they come see me perform.

What’s your 5 Dos and Don’t when it comes to music?
1. Be confident!
2. Study The Game. Be a Student
3. Let it Go! Express yourself fully
4. Keep doing what is working yet Step out your comfort zone
5. Understand the Business

1. “Don’t give a fuck” when creating
2. “Don’t give a fuck” what people think or say about your music, don’t let it affect you. Stay Neutral!
3. Don’t do bad business
4. Do not have bad energy around you when creating
5. Don’t make music/art for the “money”

What do you do to stay in shape, do you go to the gym?
I’m at the gym! I’m a fitness coach. I train a bunch of clients every morning and then I get my workout in. I workout every chance I can get because there are some days I become really busy.

How do you balance your personal and music life?
I understand when it’s time for the “P. Muna” switch on, it’s all about music. I really work towards spending time with family and friends more because working on my career can be time-consuming. But once you understand what’s important to you in life, you make time for anything.

How would you describe the music scene in the United States, when it comes to encouraging new acts?
The music business in the United States is a tough one to break into, but a lot of independent artist have been breaking through by their own through social media! It’s encouraging because nowadays you can create a fanbase and connect with the right people all on your own.

What do you consider the most common stereotype about the modeling industry?
That you have to be slim and skinny and super in shape to be “model”. Here is where we can see how terminology is so key. These particular attributes are wanted in “High Fashion Models”, where in actuality, everyone is a model! all colors, all sizes! It just depends on what the brand is looking for. Especially with social media, a lot more people (particularly women) are doing more independent modeling from the platforms visual content.

What aspect surprised you the most once you started as a musician?
That I could flow crazy! Man, I could catch any beat! I realised rhythm was niche and I was versatile because I could flow to the beat.

Looking back to when you started in music and writer, is there anything you would like to change about those industries?
Na, I wouldn’t change anything, because I may not be doing this interview with you today if so. I believe we can improve on the musical content put on the radio though! I was so influenced as a child on radio and TV, it effects out psyche growing up.

Which brands, clients, designers, photographers, artists, producers, directors, etc, have you worked with?
I’m currently working with my bro, Dion Lewis (NFL Running Back), and few of my other brothers’ (Booyah, E-man, & Wes) clothing brand. FLEXGAWDS x 1991 ! We’ve been doing some pop-up shops and planned to do a whole bunch more,

What do you consider your biggest professional success so far?
Starring on this MTV Show called “Are You The One” Season 4, mainly getting my face out there around the world thus far.

Who do you want to work with that you haven’t yet?
I want to work with Timberland, Dr. Dre, Drake, Rihanna, SZA, Fabulous, Jadakiss, Kanye West. A whole of artist! Also, brands like PUMA, ADDIDAS, NIKE.

What has been your biggest challenge?
Mastering the business side of the music industry, while still being the artist! I’m working hard at it!

Tell us two things people don’t know about you?
I grew up with 4 brothers and one sister, in a single parent household. Also, I did a musical during my senior year of high school called “INTO THE WOODS”, which changed my life!

You are very active on social media. Do you think its important to be online and if so why?
Of course! I have to promote myself to the fullest or nobody will! I have to believe in my abilities and expose my art to the masses and no better way to do it than on social media! it’s an opportunity to build a business.

You are now currently based in New York. How is that working out for you?
I love New York! New York for life! I do love to travel but I know New York is home for me. The Grind is real and I’m in love with it!

What are your must-visit travel destinations?
Probably most recent Los Angeles, but as a youth my family and I would travel to Denmark and Paris all of the time, so that was dope being able to see the different aspects of the world as a kid.

Name 5 things we should take seriously about our style choices?
1. Authenticity
2. Quality
3. Time put into the Product
4. Practicing and Preparation
5. Confidence! You have to believe in! Speak it into existence!

How would you describe your style?
1991! My style is Hip-hop meets Rockstar. My style is original. The Style of a King of his own existence!

What music genre appeals to you the most?
Hip-hop & Rock style! I think both of them blended together creates a unique style that is unmatched.

Name your 5 must have accessories/essentials?
1. My Back-2-Back Championship College Football Rings
2. 1991 appeal (hat, headband, hoodie, etc.
3. Silver or gold watch
4. Gold & diamond chains
5. My confidence.

What are your favorite fashion trends?
I’m really into this denim and rips in clothes fashion trends. It makes me feel like the Rockstar inside that I am.

What is your favorite dish?
Man, I just love Soul Food!

What songs are currently on your playlist?
My album! 1991! lol Daniel Ceasar, Migos, & Wu-Tang.

Apart from music, modeling and writing, what other projects are you currently working on?
My 1991 Brand is taking off! I am building that as we speak. I’m working to get this brand into a store near you, so be on the look out!

Seeing you’re doing your dreams, what advice can you give others to pursue their dreams?
Believe in yourself and chasing your dreams every single day! Do not let anyone tell you different! You can do anything you want in life and be whoever you want to be, but you MUST put the work in!

Any specific plans for the future?
I’m on the road to becoming an “International Icon”, the one that affects the world in a positive manner.

Any final words?
Go listen to my album “1991” streaming on all platforms now!

Where can we follow you online and on social media?
Instagram: @IAmPMuna
Twitter: @iamPMuna
Facebook: Prosper Muna
Snapchat: IAmPMuna


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